Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Russell looses his first tooth!

As you all know, my kids teethed very late, we are still waiting for Jeremy to get a few front teeth still. It has been a blessing because they all have good strong teeth, I guess the later you teeth the later you will loose them. So he will be eight in a few months and finally got his moment.

Jacob's half birthday

Since Jacob has a summer birthday, his preschool makes sure they have a chance to celebrate it during the school year as a half birthday. We ended up spending the whole morning at the school Mrs Whinery invited Jeremy to play along at the playground, and do there letter lesson. It was a fun morning with his class.

San Antonio

We took a break from life here, and drove to San Antonio, we went on the river walk, watched the St. Patty's Parade, went into the museum and on the tomb ride.