Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jacob is 8

Jacob is now 8, and was baptized, he is so full of sunshine and love. He is growing up and learning to serve the Lord. We love our boys and so proud of them. He is getting better in Soccer and it's so fun to watch him put in so much effort in each game, coach asked the team yesterday "are their any players who gave 100%"(after they lost) He of course answered "Coach I did". That's because he truly loves the game and wants to win. We are so blessed to have 4 healthy and happy children.

Rebekah is 12

Many Milestones have been reached in our family, This one with Rebekah turning 12 is a big one, we are so proud of who she has become. She is a great sister and daughter. She is beautiful and chooses to be around good friends. She is making the right choices and we love her very much.

Friday, July 27, 2012


I love Pinterest, who doesn't RIGHT! Got this idea, it was a great one. Our master bathroom mirror was going black around the edges, so I tiled it. Bought the tiles at Home depot cost $14, bought liquid nail for $4. Time was less than an hour.

Destin, FL 2010

Had an amazing trip to Destin in June, can't wait to go back next year. The kids loved the white sand and emerald water. We even got to to a water park across the street, called the big Kahunas. The only down fall was that I was sick the whole week, total bummer for me, but I got to nap every day! James went deep sea fishing with Bekah and Russell, they all threw up the whole time, I guess the waves were a little to big.

Friday, March 2, 2012

How did life get so busy?

These past few months have been a whirlwind. James took over the company completely here in Houston, bought out n=both of his business partners. So he asked me to work part-time from home, I have been keeping him organized, writing news letters, job proposals, checking surveys, paying the office bills, pretty much anything he doesn't normally like doing. So it's been keeping my mornings busy. So on top of it I trained for a duathlon. I even got a medal. Coming in third in my age category. We also have all the boys in soccer, James is Jeremy's coach. I'm still working in the primary presidency and life is never boring around here with all the kids busy with School work and projects. Got a dog for Christmas. We just finally booked our first vacation which is not actually visiting family, so we are excited to be going to Florida this summer. So looking forward to it.