Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mother's Day

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. It's just been one of those years. During Christmas my sweet Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. It hit me pretty hard. I only have one mom, and she lives so far away. She is my rock. I am so blessed to have been raised by her. I do have an awesome Mother in law, and as soon as we told her, she said she would be here for my children so I could be with my Mom. So off to Canada I went. It was crazy trying to get there. I ended up in Toronto for the night. Once I did arrive, it was the best feeling to wrap my arms around her and give her a big hug. Then day of surgery came, and I was with Dad, we waited for several hours to hear the outcome, and it was very successful. She was high on drugs, and very entertaining. A few months before she had hip surgery. So she was still in a lot of pain from that. She is now into chemo 2 months, and she has lots all her hair, but still has her eye brows. I think her wig looks amazing on her. She will continue chemo for another 2 months, then she will go in for a hip replacement this summer. She continues to smile and hang on. She had one scary episode, and was rushed to the ER. I'm grateful to know that my family is eternal, and that Heavenly Father knows each of our struggles. He is always by our side and if we let him he will hold us up.