Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This is Russell working on his World Conservation award - making bird feeders.

Jacob throwing in the ball.

Russell playing at the park.

Jacob looking so cute in his Uniform

I had to get Rebekah to jump out of this tree, she is a lot like me. I climbed trees very well when I was her age.

Jeremy playing on the slide.

We have been busy painting rooms, cleaning closets and enjoying the sunshine. Spring is in the air. It has been colder here, which is unusual for this area. So we welcome the warmer temps. I have decided to run another marathon, this time it's a full. So it takes up a lot of extra time, training and getting ready. My friend Emily asked me if I would join her in training with her personal trainer. It's been a lot of fun, and also a lot of work. I can't believe how much more the trainer has pushed me. I'm just looking forward to crossing it off my goal list. i'm not looking to run the best time, but to run a good pace and finish. I love that I have friends who have also ran in races to guide me a long.

Jacob just started Soccer, he loves it, he's really taken to the sport and isn't to bad at it. Rebekah is in Softball, she has great coaches, they are helping her learn this new sport and she's having so much fun. Russell just finished up his wolf badge, and is looking forward to having the summer off. Jeremy is wishing I put him in a sport, but mom just doesn't have that much time at the moment. Next year I will try to be better at getting him into Soccer as well, he is only 4 after all.