Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rebekah's Appliance

After visiting the Dentist before School started, we found out that Rebekah had a very crooked tooth. It is still under the gum, and she had to have two baby teeth pulled, now we can see it pop up a bit. The appliance will help make room for her crowded teeth. The tooth will then have to be attached to a crain and pulled slowly straight. It's been a big deal, she can't eat anything crunchy or sticky. She is a good sport, I think it will be good to have it done and out of the way before Middle School.

On his way

This little guy is on his way, he will be starting School next Tuesday. We are excited for this new adventure. I love watching my children grow up. Some stages I'll miss, but for the most part I know it's just LIFE. The other kids are all adjusting to School, I no longer have to carry Jacob crying on the bus. Rebekah is in her last year at Elemetary. Russell just started Cubs, he's back at Piano lessons, and Rebekah is playing better then ever.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SeaWorld San Antonio

We went for the full day, from opening until closing. Everyone enjoyed it. Except for when we were soaked at the shamu show, Jeremy screamed for about half an hour after. LOVE THAT PLACE!

Back in School!

Three in School, and Jeremy goes in a month. We have very busy mornings, but once there out the door it's so quiet, Jeremy gets very lonely with out the siblings around:)

JaCoB's Birthday!

Jacob had a great birthday, he had Christopher over and they went and played lazer X.